Reasons to get a Peel in the Winter Time

By: Maria Mongiardo


It is no secret that this time of year tends to be a little rough on the skin. Winter is traditionally a time when we stay in and snuggle up in something comfy. During this time of the year there are many benefits to getting a winter peel treatment. Getting a peel will not only leave you looking beautiful, but feeling great too. At Central Park Laser, we provide VI peels, beta lift acne peels, and lightening lift peels. It is important to know that while the professional peels you get here are not treatments you can do at home, they also are not something to be afraid of. These treatments have the power to change the skin dramatically for the better, like little else can. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a peel in the wintertime.

1.)   The weather is on your side:

There is less sunlight in the winter, which means lower UV rays and a perfect environment to heal your skin more quickly. Have a peel now to exfoliate and refresh your skin. You can even do a series of peels to significantly improve your skin before next summer.

2.)   Cold weather often leads to dry skin, which, in turn, often leads to breakouts:

This is perplexing at first, since most acne products promise to dry out the skin as a means of getting rid of acne. Then, when you factor in the stress and potential seasonal sadness you may or may not be enduring, it all makes it quite easy for your face to breakout. Getting a peel will enhance skin glow and help eliminate the acne you have!

3.)   Having a peel in the winter will prepare skin for the spring and summer, and have you looking your best:

This is self-explanatory! Who doesn’t want to have wonderful looking skin at the beach or on their trip to Florida?  We know winter can wreak havoc on skin but that does not mean you need to let the damage show. (And no this does not mean we are suggesting you cover up your face with pounds of foundation!) A peel can work wonders and help you look radiant in the summer for your family and friends to see.

4.)   Minimal Downtime:

You can have these peels done in your lunch hour-it is just that easy! Certain peels help remove acne, hyper pigmentation, redness, and sun damage. Book your appointment at Central Park Laser today to get a consultation about what peel may work the best for you and your skin type.

Even though it is winter you still need to be diligent about wearing your sunscreen. Although there is less sun it is important to minimize your exposure as much as possible. It is also wise to use humidifiers throughout the house. Heating systems pump hot air, which dries the atmosphere and your skin. Humidifiers add moisture so that skin remains hydrated.