Laser Hair Removal



No more waxing, tweezing, shaving or coping with ingrown hair and folliculitis!

Central Park Laser offers year-round customized laser hair removal treatments for men and women with all hair and skin types. Laser Hair Removal is permanent, safe and effective. Our staff is trained to work with all skin colors, skin types such as extra sensitive skin, and skin conditions. We use the Cutera Xeo laser, which works well for all skin types. Learn more about our laser by visiting: http://www.cutera.com/Product-Landing-Pages/xeo%C2%AE.aspx

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Laser Genesis



For vibrant, youthful, healthy skin, Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is skin rejuvenation at its best. 

Central Park Laser offers year-round Laser Genesis Skin Therapy for all skin types. Our clinic staff will treat conditions caused by premature aging and sun damage using this scientifically proven and innovative procedure. Refurbish your skin and diminish excessive redness and Rosacea, sun spots, large pores, dry skin, coarse skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles with Laser Genesis Skin Therapy. 

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Laser Nail Fungus Treatment 



Zap your common fungus infection away in as little as one treatment.

Central Park Laser offers laser therapy treatments for toenail and fingernail fungus that targets and destroys nail fungus without the use of topical ointments or oral medications. Laser Nail Fungus Therapy Treatment is pain and drug free and has no side effects. You’ll leave our clinic ready to resume your daily activities immediately after treatment. 

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Spider Vein Therapy



Unsightly facial and leg veins are a thing of the past with Spider Vein Therapy.

Central Park Laser offers quick, safe and effective Spider Vein Therapy laser treatments for men and women. Our trained staff can treat a range of vessels from tiny spider veins to prominent deep blue reticular veins resulting in varicose-free, flawless legs and skin - all without painful injections.

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Photo Facial



With Photo Facial treatments, you’ll have a photo-ready face and body for your next big event. 

Central Park Laser offers Photo Facial therapy as a quick, safe and comfortable way to attain flawless skin.

Using intensive pulse light technology, our staff treats skin damaged by sun exposure, pollution, weather, and stress. Treating skin discoloration, Rosacea, age spots, and tiny spider veins with this innovative technology results in healthy and glowing skin.

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Isolaz Acne Therapy



Prevent future acne breakouts and have healthy, radiant-looking skin with Isolaz Acne Therapy.

It’s stressful having acne and it’s even more stressful finding the best treatment for your acne outbreaks. 

Isolaz Acne Therapy combines vacuum for deep pore cleansing with broadband light to treat mild to moderate existing acne. Isolaz is quick and painless - treat your acne during your lunch hour without any down time.

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Safely removes sun spots, age spots, redness, tiny veins & other types of skin discoloration on the face and body.

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I have been getting laser hair removal treatments here and I’m so happy with the results. The staff is great and very nice. They have made every visit very comfortable. The treatments have exceeded my expectations. I will continue to go and am recommending [Central Park Laser] to everyone.
— Carmiña O., Yelp